Our caviar
We make caviar.
In AKI quality.

In the caviar trade, everyone talks about quality. We think quality should be a matter of course. That is why we have set our own standards and made them transparent – as an obligation for us and a guarantee for our customers.

Simply transparent: our quality.

Caviar is a craft. So it is crucial that we master our discipline. This includes the traditional techniques that are passed down from generation to generation.

Our suppliers are also masters of their trade. Together, we have been pursuing the same goal for decades: to produce the best caviar. That is why we are also happy to form new partnerships that bring fresh inspiration.

Selection of raw ingredients

We evaluate the roe according to various criteria, as well as individual customer desires, and select only the best.


A fast process in which every move counts – cleaning, salting and placing the raw ingredients into containers. We regularly evaluate the implementation of this by our partners worldwide to ensure we are happy with the products that bear our name.


Our caviar sommelier regularly checks each batch and decides when the caviar has reached its optimal aroma. Our large volume guarantees fast handling of the caviar and adherence to the targeted degree of maturity.


We carry this out exclusively on an order-related basis and taking into account the personal preferences of our customers.


An independent hygiene institute regularly confirms that we fully comply with the highest microbiological standards. We are also certified in line with the International Food Standards (IFS).


All sturgeon caviars are CITES-certified and fully traceable to the fish. Our Pure line also comprises ‘clean label’ products that are guaranteed to be free from additives.

We are becoming more sustainable.

For us, as a family business, thinking sustainably is a must. Nevertheless, we are still far from reaching our goal and the measures taken so far are only the beginning. In this context, we feel it is important to act with caution and foresight. Because for us, sustainability is not a short-term marketing measure, but a long-term attitude that will last for future generations.

Piece by piece.

The measures we have already started:
  • Responsible handling of fish, use of the fish ‘nose-to-tail’
  • Focus on regional breeding that preserves populations
  • Focus on site-specific selection of raw ingredients
  • CO2-free production at our two locations in Hamburg and Wöhrden
  • Conversion to regionally produced packaging materials
  • Delivery routes with the new E-Smart fleet
  • We are already planning further measures to become even more sustainable
‘These small steps are stages in the holistic development of the establishment.’