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We celebrate new freedom.

To us, caviar is a fresh, natural product that is in its prime. A pleasure that goes just as well with a cold beer as it does with a glass of champagne. And a product that is so diverse there is one for every taste – regardless of grain size, consistency or fancy-sounding names.

We want to share this pleasure with as many people as possible. And in the process, to give them the freedom to enjoy caviar however, wherever and whenever they want. That’s why our range includes everything from the great classics to an extraordinary new discovery that sets caviar lovers’ pulses racing – and has what it takes to become a personal favourite.

The Signature Line

Quaviar, Pure und Platinum

Generally, we don’t talk about quality. Generally. Because it is a matter of course for us. When it comes to our three lines Pure, Platinum and Quaviar, however, we make an exception. Because they are ‘next-level’ caviar. Because they combine the best in product terms with the best in quality terms. Because they redefine quality, even for us.

The criteria to be included as caviar in these lines are correspondingly tough. That means that we concentrate entirely on the product, its characteristics, its quality and its natural properties. And only select the caviar that meets our expectations in all areas. Or surpasses them.


New ideas, new discoveries, new taste experiences – Platinum is the line for those who like to try new things. And for all caviar varieties that do not come from sturgeon, be it salmon, char or Kalix Lojröm. All the varieties are lightly salted using the malossol process and are free from any additives.


Is Caviar old-fashioned? No! Caviar is a fresh, contemporary and modern product. And with our new design linecard Quaviar, we are giving it a new face. Quaviar is offering an easy access into the world of caviar with a few top quality products. It opens up all the varieties in flavour caviar has to offer. For connoisseurs who want to get to know one of the most legendary delicacies in the world in a new and unbiased way.


Salt, caviar, experience – and nothing else. With our clean-label line ‘Pure’ we fulfil the desire of many customers for a fresh, regional, top-quality product. The caviar production from sustainable German breeding that protects the population takes place monthly, making perfectly fresh caviar available throughout the year – without any preservatives.
If you like, you can also receive Pure pasteurised. The gentle thermal preservation of the caviar makes a significantly longer shelf life possible. Pure Caspian tradition – it also (quite rightly!) has many fans.

The World’s
Finest Selection

The Prestige Line

Legendary varieties, freshly curated: the Prestige Line delves deep into caviar tradition and provides everything caviar lovers are looking for. In addition to big names, that includes our strict criteria used to decide which varieties are included in the ‘World’s Finest Selection’.

AKI Tradition

Good Taste Has A Long Tradition With Us.

Classic, and simply good: AKI Tradition includes all the traditional caviar varieties in the best malossol quality. A tribute to the established Caspian caviar tradition, a mirror image of our own development and an important part of our DNA.

AKI Tradition is available through selected food retailers. Our expert, long-standing partners throughout Germany ensure that AKI Tradition is available fresh and in the best possible quality all year round.

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